11 Inspirational quotes to live by

This week has been very reflectional for me, I had some downtime after an operation and some things that happened caused me to consider what I wanted in life and to realign my priorities and goals.  I felt these 11 inspirational quotes were ones to live by, very fitting to the challenges of the daily grind.  If you are looking for a personal gift for someone as a get well present or someone needing a dose of inspiration, this book would be a perfect gift.
















Book Review: The Suitcase Entrepreneur

I’ve been so busy lately with deciding what country to live in next and planning our wedding, that I haven’t had much downtime.  The last week, I’ve tried to rectify that and take some time out.  When the opportunity to read Natalie’s Sisson’s The Suitcase Entrepreneur came up, I snapped it up – what a perfect way for a bit of downtime whilst educating myself further about putting plans in place for the way I want to live?!

Hot on the shelves Natalie’s new book (third release) has just been released on 5th September, and let me tell you it is well worth a read!  So basically Natalie is the sort of person that inspired me to leave the UK.  She did the boring corporate life and got out, after co-founding a technology start up in 2008, she went on to travel the world, whilst working as a digital nomad and running her six-figure online business.  How is that for inspiring!

I enjoyed so much about this book, from how she went about publishing it to reading how she travels cheaply.  I’ve even downloaded a few of the apps she recommends to help keep my travel plans organised.  This book is literally packed with ideas to help you, that includes seasoned experienced travellers to ones who are trying to take that leap to start.  Natalie explains in simple, easy to understand terms.

For me, I was particularly interested in location independence, and in this book, Natalie gives a fab overview on how to turn your dreams into reality.  Not only does she explain how, she also explores the pitfalls such as loneliness of not seeing your family and friends at home.  I know I’m missing mine at the moment – we get to see them next month in Florida (yes, we are making them take a trip for our wedding!!), after not seeing the majority of them since we took a trip home for Christmas.  Anyway I would basically describe Natalie’s book as a bible to life as a digital nomad.  In a nutshell she will inspire you with her travel stories, and she’s willing to show you how to create that lifestyle too!

‘Freedom to do what you want, when you want, with whoever you want, from anywhere you want.’

Go purchase a copy now, I promise you, you won’t regret it!