Halloween is coming

I love Halloween!  If I’m in the UK I always host a party for my friends, fancy dress is so much fun!  This year we will be spending Halloween in the USA, I’m not actually sure where yet, but we’ll definitely be attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP for short!) at Disney World and to make that more fun costumes are definitely required.  We dressed up the house share we were living in last year in Sydney for a house party, but we didn’t do costumes, so this year I really need to pull my finger out, so let’s have a look at options!


Since we are going to Disney, and the Beauty and the Beast film has been out this year, it wouldn’t be complete without a Belle costume!  Given I’m a natural brunette, this is an easy one for me, but if you’re not, then a wig can assist to make it very easy!  Pick up this one, it’s so easy, just pop on and none of that drama of doing your hair!  

When I think of Belle, I think of the classic yellow dress, however what about her normal day time look? Just click the photo to purchase.  Of course you could go with the classic option.Add a few accessories, if you live the in UK, Primark is a great place to pick some up, however if you can only pick up online, this Lumiere is a great accessory.If you want to do a couples costume, simply pick up a Beast costume, I love this one!


Fancy something a little more scary?!  How about a Zombie Prom Queen?  I did this in 2013, it was so much fun.  You can pick up this fab outfit, or if you want to get creative make your own.  This can be especially cheap if you already have a dress you can throw fake blood over.  Add some make up to make yourself look dead and don’t forget the accessories!  You’ll need a tiara and sash to really look the part.  This one is so easy to co-ordinate with a partner for the prom king!  Don’t forget extra fake blood to make it look like you have been eating brains!  If you want to make it look super special, add a special effect, such as this jaw hanging off effect!


I’m a big fan of The Walking Dead (we loved the scare house at Universal’s Halloween Horror) and a great couples costume we have done is Zombie Bride and Groom.  I loved

2014 in Celebration, Florida

getting creative with this one, I bought an actual wedding dress on eBay, a fake flower bouquet for me, a boutonnière and a top hat for him.  We used one of this old suits and a shirt.  Then I got to work with a lot of fake blood, make up (for dirt of course!) and some scissors to trash it up.  I even splashed the fake blood over the flowers.  I let it dry and then on the night applied zombie make up and more fake blood.  I’ve actually recycled this one a few times as often I celebrate Halloween on multiple nights, I love it that much!  If you want to go all out, then contact lenses really top off the zombie look!

Our late Zombie themed Halloween party in the UK in 2014, complete with ‘white out’ contact lenses

Or how how this wound for how you become a zombie?!



Of course if you don’t want to go to the effort of making your own, you can always buy a costume.








Think you need to go scarier still?!  I think the clowns are going to be a big thing this years, with Pennywise from the film, IT.  Why are people so scared of clowns?!  I’m not sure, but you can find out if you pick up one of these bad boys! Be sure to pick up the face paint too!









With one of these costumes, you’ll be sure to have a happy Halloween.  Whether it’s hosting your own Halloween party or attending an event.  Now I just have to decide what I’m going to pick this year!!  Be sure to tell me what you are going to wear for Halloween in the comments.