The perfect Cosmopolitan at home

I never used to drink Cosmopolitans, but I’ve got totally into them at the moment!  Saving for that holiday, or want to quit your job to go travelling?  One tip to save money on drinking out is to drink at home, or even pre-drink before you go out so you don’t spend as much.  For instance, organise a girls night in, get each friend to bring a different bottle of spirits and supply the fruit, ice, snacks etc to make your own.  Host a party where people bring their own drinks or have a movie night and ask friends to bring a bottle.

If you haven’t got a cocktail shaker, you can pick one up here, of course lovely cocktail glasses go down a treat too!

Here’s a cosmopolitan recipe to get you started.

25ml vodka (if you want to mix it up a little you can try citron vodka)
25ml triple sec
75ml cranberry juice
25ml fresh lime juice
Orange peel or a lime slice

Add the ice to the cocktail shaker and pour in all the ingredients, except the fruit. Shake well and strain into a cooled martini glass. Garnish with orange vest or a lime slice. If you’re a perfectionist, rub the edge of the glass with the citrus for each flavor.  Enjoy!