Dolphins plus me equals one seriously big smile!

I love dolphins so much, it’s fair to say every holiday, before leaving to go travelling centred around them!  But, nothing had prepared me for the sight of wild dolphins, sure I’d seen them at Seaworld, swam with them in Portugal, but my quest was to find a more natural experience, my heart is torn at seeing these beautiful animals confined to a tank.  I won’t get into the debate of Seaworld here I’ll save that post for another day, because I do believe that Seaworld is the lesser of the evils with it’s conservation work and the way the trainers truly love the animals, however I have seen unhappy dolphins in captivity and so wanted a more natural experience.  I sure got it! I’d been on a boat trip in Tenerife years before hoping to catch sight of them previously with no such luck (although John separately did a similar trip and managed to see wild orcas, I’m so jealous!).  When we were in Key West in 2014 we decided to take a boat trip, randomly hungover after a night at Duvall Street we booked a trip, later anxiety set in, would it be overrun with annoying people.  So I turned to tripadviser and was so glad I did.  Our first choice wasn’t available, however another down the list was and we booked to go with Dolphin Watch on the Patty C, we paid USD$95 each, plus a tip for our amazing captain.  John and I were 2 of the 6 passengers in total, which was great (well apart from one of them’s BO!), our captain was fantastic, giving us loads of information and finding the dolphins.  The most amazing part was that we found a mother and baby, who our captain estimated was not more than 6 weeks old.  It was so amazing to watch them, as we followed them, from a safe distance as not to disturb them.  I love dolphins so much, it was so amazing to witness, they were so beautiful! In addition we also had the opportunity to snorkel, plus a lovely platter of fruit prepared for us afterwards.

Whilst the experience really was great, I longed to see dolphins surf the boats wave, so on a trip to Clearwater in 2015 we decided to take a trip on the boat Little Toot.  This was everything and more from what I expected!  We didn’t even need to leave the bay into the ocean, the crews spotted them, turned on the big power to create the big waves that they love and that was it.  There they were, surfing the waves, jumping out of the ocean, so gracefully it was so truly amazing I was in awe.  A smile plastered across my face, it’s back on my face just thinking of the experience!

If you ever get the chance to experience dolphins in the wild, grab it with both hands, these animals are so beautiful in their natural element.

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